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Equestrian surfaces

from EquineSand

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Good quality is different for everyone.

That is why at EquineSand you can order the sand you want for your horse riding arena! No one but you knows what is important to you.

Equestrian surfaces from EquineSand are surfaces of quality as you wish.

Soils of EquineSand contain olivine sand. Olivine sand is

sand that cleans CO2 in a natural way. In addition

olivine sand is one of the few sand types

which is not harmful to the lungs of horse and rider.


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High quality EquineSand soils

EquineSand bottoms contribute to the health of the horse. Olivine sand is the least harmful to the lungs of horse and rider and also releases magnesium. With an equestrian floor from EquineSand you contribute to the future of the planet.

About EquineSand

The owner of EquineSand is Anita Doornbos. From her passion for equestrian sports and care for the future, Anita started EquineSand.


EquineSand works closely with IFH transport, Lekhaven Bouwstoffen and greenSand Nederland.


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The Netherlands

greenSand provides the delivery of olivine sand on location. In addition, greenSand is the supplier of olivine in the Netherlands and abroad. The collaboration between EquineSand and greenSand was created by Anita's work and internship at greenSand.

EquineSand is the provider of equestrian surfaces with olivine. For other applications with olivine sand, you can contact greenSand directly. greenSand is available for many different applications. View all options on the greenSand website.