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Starting with EquineSand

In this blogpost I share my journey with starting up my own business. With my own company I'm going to sell sand for horse riding tracks.

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My journey started with greenSand, I started working at greenSand in Februar 2020. At the beginning I was most of the time working on my thesis, for my study. After I succesfully ended my thesis at greenSand I became a employee in Sales and Marketing at greenSand. One day when we were driving home from a sales meeting we drove through Ermelo. We passed the KNHS, the Dutch horse riding center and I told Eddy about that company and about the essentials of horse riding. Eddy, the CEO of greenSand, saw a lot of passion when I told about it and so the idea started.

Eddy asked me if I had any interest in starting someting on my own, with a little help from greenSand as a partner. He thought about the sand for horse riding arena's since I already knew a lot about horses and horse riding.

So I thought a little while about it and talked about the details with Eddy. And know here I am, starting my own business in sand for horse riding tracks!

So it all started:

I gained a lot of information about sand, horse riding tracks en everytingh there was to learn about it. I signed up at the KVK, the Dutch entrepeneurs department and I went for it!

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