'' Olivine sand cleans up CO2 like the earth has been doing for years. ''

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where does the olivine sand come from?

The Olivine sand used by EquineSand comes from Norway or Spain. This has been imported in collaboration with greenSand and is strictly controlled. The sand is stored in Wijk bij Duurstede.

2. Is there asbestos in the Olivine sand?

There is no asbestos or other harmful substances in the olivine sand. This makes the sand much safer than, for example, quartz sand which contains the harmful quartz.

Olivine sand is therefore not harmful to your lungs.


3. Why do you work with Olivine sand and can I also order other types of sand?

We work with Olivine sand because the Olivine sand is not harmful to lungs, is good to support the horse's hooves and Olivine cleans CO2. We also work with cyclone sand, which is of very good quality. Cyclone sand and Olivine sand reinforce each other, making the roadway extra stable.

4. I can order sand at EquineSand, what else can I order for services or products?

At the moment you can only order sand at EquineSand, this is delivered on location. In the future, you can have your entire roadway constructed at EquineSand, including drainage, fencing, possibly electric fence and lighting. Until then, you can only order the sand from us. We have sand available for all grades.

5. Can I view the Olivine Sand somewhere?

At the moment you can order a test bag, which is possible on the OnlyVine website. We are currently busy doing research and we want to lay a test track in the near future. You can register as a sponsor location for this test track for a reduced rate. Keep an eye on our facebook page for more information.

6. I have another question, where can I ask it?

Ask your question via info@equinesand.nl or call 0633194228